Sydney turned 3.
OMG. I can’t believe this.
My 7-week early preemie is 3.
My answered prayer in human form is 3.
My baby who needed extra cuddles and love is 3.

In these 3 years, things have changed. Our lives are different. Add in the new baby, and our life as a family looks starkly different than it did in 2014.
Motherhood just might have snatched my edges in the last 3 years. Literally and figuratively.
Motherhood just might have made me rethink my WHOLE life in the last 3 years.
However, none of this outweighs my truth: I love being a mom to them. I love hearing them call me mommy. Their voices, touch, snuggles, and screams all make me realize how amazing being a mother really is.
Now, do I have times when I’m frustrated out of my wits? Yep. Sho nuff. Are there times when I just wanna read these contracts and complete my work without stopping 8 times to pick up a sippy cup and share Cheerios? Ummmmm, absolutely.
Then, I hear that small voice say: They are your miracles. And for these children, you prayed. And at that moment, I learn from my children:
1. Be persistent. My toddlers will ask for something 50-11 times until I stop what I’m doing and give it to them. That is persistence, my friends. Pure persistence. Be like a toddler—stay persistent in the pursuit of turning your dreams into reality.
2. Be patient. Toddlers are the most patient people. They will pull and push on something until they move it, open it, pull it down, or you help them do it. The patience is there. Be like a toddler—be patient.
3. Celebrate the little things. I remember taking my 3-year-old to the potty (potty training is another blog post—LOL), and I decided to go to the potty too. Well, my 3 year old found it necessary to celebrate my ability to potty. LOL. Even though I have been using the bathroom on my own for 30 some odd years now, my little one thought it necessary to celebrate my potty win.
We all have to be a toddler sometimes and celebrate the little wins.
What lesson can you learn from a toddler?
Cheers to Sydney turning 3 and us all deciding to learn a little bit from the toddlers in our lives.

Until next time,
Nisia Skyy