Thoughts and Prayers

Thoughts and prayers

Mixed with a bit of anxiety

Is what they give us

When another takes another






With a single or a few shots

Another loved one


We cry for justice every time

And every time injustice reigns

The powers that be

Only offer up

Thoughts and prayers

Mixed with a bit of anxiety

Don’t they know we’re not fighting with muskets anymore

Quick let ‘em know that the Revolutionary War has been won

And it’s time to catch up with the times

Because the thoughts and prayers

Mixed with anxiety

Don’t seem to be working

Critics say that those snowflakes

Wanna take their guns

Meanwhile they secretly takin’

Our history

Our books

Our truth

Claiming it all offends

Makes ‘em feel guilty

And we don’t want that

Because all they had to do was pick their own cotton


They try to soften the blow

And make it seem like we took a Carnival Cruise

To join a 400 plus year circus


They don’t wanna keep it a hunnid

Instead they silence us

And offer up

Thoughts and prayers

Mixed with anxiety

Mamas and Papas holding

Their babies tight everyday

Hoping they will come home

Black and brown folks

Just trying to breathe

They hoping to come home

Susie and John catchin’ a flick

Hoping to come home

Miss Jessie trying to buy some more


Oh and don’t let her forget the flour for the rolls

Hoping to come home

Because all of our thoughts are the same

Hell even the atheist says a prayer

Because the anxiety

Of not coming home

At the hands of another is a lot

Ain’t it funny

In the land of the free and the brave

There seems to be a lot of cowards

Hiding behind their fancy suits and fancy offices

Each side selling lies

I’m still waiting for Joe to give up that $50k

Turned $20k…

Let me get back on topic

Back to those thoughts and prayers

Mixed with anxiety

Asking God to please continue to show grace and mercy

Praying for those babies

Those families

Hoping that thoughts turn to words

Words to action

Action to change

Anxiety to hope

Hope to promise

Because if nothing more

Don’t we deserve to live bravely and freely

To go the movies, the grocery store,

A place of worship, a sporting event,

To school…

With thoughts and prayers

Mixed without a bit of anxiety


Written by: Tanisia “Tee” Moore

Copyright 2023

All rights reserved

No reprint or distribution is authorized unless express written permission is given by the author.