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Tanisia “Tee” Moore is a revered voice of African American storytelling known affectionately as “your family’s favorite author.” She writes for young people under her own name and in adult contemporary romance as Nisia Roye. The common thread in all her books is her deep love of sharing life lessons embedded in Black culture.

For young people, Tee is the author of:

In adult contemporary romance, Tee is the author of After the Storm (writing as Nisia Skyy, Dynamic Image Publications). She has new novels in the works.

Tee passionately believes that motherhood does not mean giving up womanhood. On her podcast, The Other Side of Momming, Tee and her special guests spill the, ahem, *tea* on it all — finding joy, self-care, pregnancy, dating, divorce, grief, and (you know it!) sex. You can raise tiny humans and live out your purpose, all while being very dope. Tee is also the force behind, an apparel and lifestyle brand for mamas who need a gentle reminder that you can care for your babies and tend to your dreams. Some tings are just for you.

Originally from Southern California, Tee is a proud alumna of Clark Atlanta University—where she majored in Mass Media Arts with a concentration in radio—and Florida A&M University College of Law. She is a former attorney now writing and momming full-time in Alabama.

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On the Other Side of Momming

Hey, Friend, hey! Grab your tea (or favorite drink), sit down, and let’s chat a bit on my motherhood podcast. Because I need to know that’s there more to motherhood than changing diapers, dropping kids off at the various activities, and all the stuff in between. Because we know that’s there’s more to this #MomLife. There has to be, right? On this podcast, we will talk about all of the things. How are we raising these tiny humans while still trying to live out our purpose? This is a safe place for all us moms trying to make the most of this life while still being dope mamas!

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Chapter 39: Travel Adventures with the Little Humans

I recently had a road trip with my daughters. This is not the first time I have traveled with my girls by myself. I have gotten used to loading them up and hitting the road with them.I even took a solo trip to California with Savvy back in May. Whenever I travel with the girls, I get questions from my mommy friends about how do I do it? I have a few friends who are pros at this and I definitely have followed their advice. If I’m being honest, I prefer to travel with my husband or with another

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Chapter 38: Fickle Folks

People are so fickle. One minute people love you and the next minute they hate you. It doesn’t take much for people to change their minds about you. It can be so quick the way they do it. On Monday, they will love you to life and by Thursday, you’ll be invisible to them. Why am I talking about this? I’m bringing light to this to remind you that sometimes you just can’t live up to people’s expectations, and that’s okay.Let me say that again: you can NOT always live up to other people’s

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Chapter 37: Dream Snatchers

Listen… I’m going to cut to the chase on this here blog post today. I have a vent. Ready or not here I go.People love to impose their beliefs, thoughts, and fears upon you. I have some stories but at the risk of being found out, I will refrain from giving a personal account today. A great deal of what I have dealt with when it comes to fears and issues I face have come through the spoken words of someone else. A friend or family member, these are the worst offenders, is often the person to

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Chapter 36: Life Keeps Happening- 3 Self-Care Tips for Moms

Y’all, life happens. So, here I am sharing what’s happened over the last couple of weeks. Okay…charge it to my head and not my heart. Also, remember I #gotkids, so life is an adventure every single day. But I digress.July was Mental Health Month. During the month of July, I took a few planned and impromptu vacations. I realized how refreshing these vacations were. Even with kids in tow, I was able to recenter, recharge, and regain my balance. It’s something about being able to be unplugged and

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Chapter 35: I have a therapist- 4 Reasons why I got a Therapist

Yep, you read that right. I have a therapist. I re-entered therapy after I gave birth to my second daughter. I felt as if a bout of depression was upon me, and I wanted to deal with it before it dealt with me.Anxiety. Sadness. Frustration. Every day after the delivery. I knew I needed to reach out to someone as I was beginning to understand how unhealthy my thoughts toward my family, myself, and my children were.Relaunched law firm. New baby. Now, two babies. Wife. Daughter.What the hell was I

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A little Moore Tee…

  • Gradute of Clark Atlanta University and Florida A&M University College of Law
  • Member of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc.
  • Former radio personality for WSTU 98.1 FM (Nisia Skyy the fly diva of the airways)
  • Loathes all things that slither, creep, and crawl
  • Sang to win tickets to an Usher concert (won them!)
  • Routinely hides snacks in the house

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