This week has been pretty good. Let me be clear: it hasn’t been an easy week, but a good one. What do I mean? We have things that happen in our lives that reveal the good things in life in the midst of difficult situations. Let me explain.
My family has experienced great losses in the past few months.
Grandmothers. Uncles. Aunts. Dreams. Visions. Perspectives.
I’m realizing that loss is a part of life. There is nothing we can do about it. We have to take the loss and determine the good. In every loss, there is good. In every loss, there is a lesson. In every loss, there is a birth. Now, don’t get me wrong…the LOSS will HURT! It will feel like a stumped toe on the side of the bedpost (y’all know that is painful). Yet, that same pain will create something inside of you that will propel you to the next level.
But first, you have to:
1. Accept the loss. The loss of something is a part of life. Death happens. Friendships die. Parts of a vision die. People we love die. Our old selves die. We will grieve and then we will settle with it. Acceptance is settling your spirit about what has happened. That is acceptance.
2. Be flexible in your expectations. Yes, we have expectations to see our loved ones to 80 and 90 years old. Yes, we plan for our 3-5 year business plans to pan out without a hitch. Yet, this doesn’t always happen. We lose our beloved uncle at 57 years old or we change our business model within 6 months of opening the business. Flexibility allows for miracles. Miracles make us believers. Believers are dreamers. Dreamers are doers. Doers are success stories.
3. Live it out. Once you settle the loss in your spirit and release the need to control every outcome, GO LIVE. Live out your dream. Live out your new life’s plan. Take your revamped business plan and make it a reality.
As I lose people, things, & old ways, I learn how good we have it.
Good: we are alive. Good: we are still dreaming. Good: we are moving forward. Good: we are loved by those around us. Good: we are changing and growing. Good: we are good.
Take your loss, find your good, live your life.
‘Til next time. Kisses!
Nisia Skyy