As the title says, August was National Breastfeeding Month. I was hoping to get a post in to share my journey before August ended, but I did not quite make the deadline. 🙂 Nevertheless, I still figured I would write about it anyway. So here is the short and sweet of my breastfeeding journey.
Most of you are aware that Beans was born early (click here to read about her birth). It is common for preemies to struggle with breastfeeding. Beans was no exception. The first time she latched I was brought to tears. One, I was shocked by the sensation I felt. It didn’t hurt me per se, but it didn’t feel great. Lol! Two, I was brought to tears because I was so happy that my 2-week old preemie had latched. The latch was short-lived but we practice every day while she was in the NICU.
However, once we got home we struggled. I couldn’t get her to latch, so I made her bottles. Plus she was on a special formula to help her gain weight. I joined a Facebook group that catered to preemie moms wanting to breastfeed. With their advice and the advice of my friends/family who breastfed, Beans and I successfully got a rhythm once we made it past her original due date… And we never looked back. The journey of breastfeeding has not been easy. It takes dedication and patience. However, it has been rewarding for me. We are still going strong. 14 months to be exact. At one point I thought I was going to give up breastfeeding her, but she is not ready to wean.
Overall, I have enjoyed the journey. I will miss our quiet times together when she does finally wean. But I will be glad to have my boobs back! What about you? Did you breastfeed? What was your experience?
Nisia Skyy