Death has a way of putting things in perspective and forcing us to face reality. We are all on borrowed time. However, it is different when know you will die. What if you knew you only had a few hours, days, months, or years to live? Would you go after those dreams you been talking about? Would you start that business? Would reach out to that loved one that hurt you and forgive them? Would you slap your mama for a million dollars? Gotcha! Just wanted to lighten it up a bit. But you get my point.
This past weekend I went to visit my aunt in Michigan. She stays in a beautiful suburb outside of Detroit; which by the way Detroit is an awesome place. The place she stays in is immaculate. I guess for the amount of money it costs to stay there, it should be nothing short of amazing. But she is dying. She has been placed on hospice, and this visit was to see her before goes on to the other side. It also was an opportunity for her to meet my daughter, her great-niece. Despite the somberness of the trip, it was overall an awesome trip. I got to meet the family that I have never met before, and spend time with one of my friends from school. The hardest part of the trip was saying goodbye. I am so used to saying someone, “I will see you again”. However, that phrase and those phrases similar to it escaped me. I fought back tears as I leaned over to kiss her. Because I knew that I would not see her again. I don’t have the luxury of staying up there and spending time with her. I live thousands of miles away. The reality of the situation is I won’t see her again. At least not on this side of heaven. Can I share with you what I learned this weekend from my aunt’s situation?
1) Take care of your temple (body). Love it and nourish it. My aunt said to me that the body is a wonderful thing. It functions so well on its own, but when it is out of whack. Boy, it is out of whack.
2) Live out your dreams. Take all the baby steps you need to take to reach your dream, but every day strive towards your dreams. Turn those dreams into reality.
3) Cherish every moment. Make memories with your loved ones. Stop waiting for the “perfect” moment to live. Just do it.
4) Prioritize what matters most. Spend time with those who matter the most. For my friends who work 24/7 and grinding to make that paper. Do so. But don’t forget those who matter the most. It is those who matter to you, that will be there for you in the end. Don’t push them away.
5) Forgive. Let any and all anger go. Free yourself of hurt from others, and from the things that you cannot change. Being angry and bitter are choices. Choose to be joyful. Choose to be happy. Choose to be free.
My aunt is a strong woman. I don’t see the fear in her eyes, but a woman facing her reality. She spent the weekend giving orders, making sure her house was clean for the company, and making jokes. She is pretty amazing…
Nisia Skyy
P.S. I did not make the praise and worship team. But NOT because your girl could not sing! Praise Jesus for that. Lol! I got to work on those nerves. 🙂