Hey everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful Monday! Last month was an exciting month for my little family. It was my husband’s first Father’s Day and it was Bean’s first birthday! June has never been my favorite month (if such a thing exists). It usually is a blah month, but of course, this year was different. For Father’s Day, we took our first real family vacation. We went to the beautiful Orlando and had an amazing time. I got to take Beans by my law school, the beach, and even got to try some new restaurants. It was definitely what the doctor ordered. Then when we got back it was time to finish preparing for Bean’s first birthday celebration!
This year her birthday fell on the weekend; which made it perfect for planning purposes. On the day of her birthday, my sister’s godparents (who I claim as my own), came down to dedicate her back to the Lord. We held her dedication at our home and invited close family to share in the moment. After her dedication was over, it was time to get the venue and set up for the pool party.
We decided to have her party indoors at the Y. June in the South is quite hot, and I refuse to be outside in such ungodly heat. But you know what happened? Her party was rained out for almost two hours because a random thunderstorm rolled through! I could not believe it! Then some of the food for her party was not ready at the time promised. So I had about 10 hungry and bored children looking at me. Smh…
But as quickly as the rain came, it went as quickly. The rest of the food came, the kids finally got in the pool and everyone had a great time. Oh, and before I forget, her cupcakes came out great!! I did not make the key lime cupcakes as planned. I did not feel like making them and ended up doing yellow and chocolate cupcakes. That was in addition to my red velvet cupcakes and strawberry cupcakes.
Overall, her party turned out great. I did not get as many pictures of the decor as I would have liked, but that is okay. I got plenty of her and she looked liked she had a ball! Cannot wait for her second birthday! Lol!
Nisia Skyy