I recently read this phrase on a good friend of mines FB page. She had received an inbox from someone who found it tacky for her and other moms to share embarrassing stories about their children. Too which she wrote an EPIC response, and with permission I am sharing her response.
So here is my question… Who authorizes the parent police? Look we all have stories to share about our kids. Sometimes we need to know that we are not the only with a child that appears to be a little touched, or that our methods of parenting is not too off the beaten trail. For example, at three weeks old I took Beans to the ER because she was not eating and I could not get her to latch on. Do you know after 5 hours being at the ER, it turned out she had gas? Gas… Lots of gas. –_– I was so shamed. I spent a $150 copay to be told that my baby had gas and to get some gas drops from my local Walmart. Or how about that one time I skipped giving her bath because I was too exhausted to wash her or myself. I mean we are human and sometimes things are going to happen. If you can’t laugh or relate, then you are living in a bubble. So get that cheerio out of your bra and eat it. Because you probably have not ate since yesterday.
What funny parenting story do you have? Feel free to share in the comments below.