Hey you all! Hope today is treating you well. So, as promised I am going to share my pregnancy and birth story with you all. I decided that I am going to break it up because it is a long story. So this post will speak to my fertility treatment. Then the next post will talk about my pregnancy journey and birth. As, some of you are aware I began writing this blog to help cope with my miscarriages. My hope was that in my pain, I would be able to encourage someone else. Often times we treat miscarriages, still birth and the loss of a child as taboo. It should not be that way at all. But I do understand that for some they feel lonely or that no one will understand. For me I did not want anybody to pity me. I was not looking for a hug. I just wanted to let people know it happens and it happened to my family. It does not matter your race, age or occupation. These things happen but there is hope on the other side. I believe we all go through things to be able to help others out. Anyway, my husband and I were in the beginning process of starting fertility treatments when the second miscarriage happened. I was able to get pregnant naturally but it ended up being a chemical pregnancy. What I loved about my doctor was that he was not the type to wait and see if it happens again. He immediately ordered tests to be ordered to figure out what could be causing the problem. Thankfully, there was no underlying issues as to why I was miscarrying. However, we determined that my ovulation was not strong enough and thus I was producing very immature eggs. I really believe my short stint with the depo shot caused a lot issues for me, but that is a story for another day. In November 2014, I was finally able to begin my fertility treatment. My treatment consisted of using Letrazole for CD 5-9, HSG test to be performed to check blockage, an injection of HCG to force ovulation and timed intercourse. So, do you guys remember me saying that the first baby was due 11/18/14? Instead of being sad on that day, I was actually in an amazing mood! That was the day I received my HCG shot at the doctor’s office. I also was told that my lining looked amazing and I had one juicy follicle! My follicle was so juicy that it looked like it could have been a cyst and that I could have possibly ovulated. Any way, I could not test until December 2, 2014 to see if I was pregnant. That date was roughly two weeks out from when I had my HCG shot. In case you are not aware HCG is the hormone present in a woman’s urine and is needed for a positive pregnancy test. Any who, I did not wait until my "test day", and tested the day before. I saw that beautiful positive sign… again… I went into the office and it was confirmed through a blood test that I was indeed pregnant. I was ecstatic! But I was freaked out at the same time! This was now the third time I was going to pregnant in one year and I was not sure that I could handle not getting to term. Then, I reminded myself of what I had prayed and I knew that this time my pregnancy was real. This time I was going to have a baby. This time I was right! I cried when I heard the heart beat for the first time. It was the most beautiful sound I could ever hear. We told our family and close friends on Christmas day. By then I was six weeks along and had already had my first ultrasound. It was so beautiful to see their reactions. They were so happy. We recorded their reactions. Lol! It was awesome! We told social media when I got to be about 10 weeks. We were really trying to hold out until we got out of the first trimester, but we knew that God had blessed us with this gift and we had to share. Besides, whatever was going to happen was going to happen whether we told or not. For those who have gone through fertility treatment what was your process? Did it help?