Wow! It has been almost a year since I have last been on here. There is so much to update to you all on. I know that I have been MIA. But once I update you all on what has been going, I think that you will understand. First, I had a conversation with someone about my blog. In that conversation I walked away feeling bad. Like I was putting too much out there and that a potential employer would be turned off. Now I do not think I was writing anything crazy. I felt that I was doing more good than bad. I felt empowered in sharing my story, because we are all connected through various life experiences. My biggest regret was listening to that advice. The reality is if a future employer is turned off at the fact that I wanted share about my miscarriages, than that is not place I need to be employed at to begin with. Second, it finally happened ya’ll… I gave birth to a beautiful little baby girl! Praise God!! I wanted to share my journey with you guys. For those who are close to me, they know that the struggle was real for my husband and I. But I am here to tell you that the power of prayer is real. She is smacking my arm as I type this blog. Lol! I plan to share my pregnancy journey with you all and my birth story in the next blog. Finally, I resigned from my position. I am full time wife and mother. I. LOVE. EVERY. MINUTE. OF. IT. Lol! Now, this has not been the most easiest transistion nor decision for my family. We are far being wealthy, but we are blessed that God has kept during this time. The bills have been paid on time every month and we are able to have a little flexible in treating ourselves. My reason for not going back to work was to stay home and take care of Beans (that is what we call her). She was born seven weeks early and spent three weeks in NICU. I have made a lot questionable decisions in my life, but the decision to stay home with my daughter is NOT one of them. I would choose her every. single. time. I have never felt a love like this before! She is an absolute joy. Well, that is all for now. But I am back baby!!! I cannot wait to hear from you guys!! We have lots of catching up to do!