I really enjoy being married to my husband. He is a pretty awesome guy. This weekend we got to spend some quality time together. The time we spend together helps to remind me that I am blessed. There are plenty of folks out there that desire to be married, or at least have companionship. My hope and prayer for those still waiting for Mr./Mrs. Right is that you will stay in the fight and don’t give up on finding love. If I may share some tips while dating and waiting… 1) Value your time. Nobody else will value your time more than you. 2) Value yourself. Again, like number one says, nobody will value you more than you do. 3) Learn to let go and let flow. Live for that moment, because you won’t get it back. 4) Call B.S. when you see it! Do not let it fester until later. Nor be afraid if that person does not like what you have to say. Of course be nice and respectful. But call out things that are offensive to you when it happens. 5) Give folks a change to grow and change. Nobody is perfect and change does not happen overnight. However, know when to let go… Well that is what I have so far. Feel free to share any advice you may have. To the married folks, keep it fun, passionate and loving.