Not that I am an Ole Miss fan, because clearly I roll with the Tide. But I am rooting for any team that is playing AGAINST Auburn. Ole Miss was sooooooo close tonight to giving me the upset I wanted to see. However, for those who were following the game know that Ole Miss’s best receiver went down at the goal line and fumbled the ball. At this point of the blog we need to have a moment of silence for Laquon Treadwell. *Insert moment of silence here*. That baby’s leg is broken. There was no doubt about that. So the loss for Ole Miss is a very hard one, because but for (my favorite legal term of art) Laquon’s leg breaking/fumble, Ole Miss would have won the game. Which would have done great for Bama in the rankings. I don’t even want to talk about Georgia getting DRILLED by Florida. The same Florida that has been awful all season. Ugh! I see that Georgia sports are sucking on all levels… Collegiate. Professional. Shoot, probably even on the pop warner football level probably sucks in Georgia right now. Oh and let me say that Arkansas had a chance to come up on a major upset!! This is out of control!! Ole Miss, Georgia and Arkansas all had one job. All of them failed! Welp… that just means Bama has to trample those tigers in the bayou next weekend. Don’t you just love college football?! How did your teams do this weekend?