Hey ya’ll! I hope you all had an excellent week. Is it me or does it seem as if the weeks get longer and longer?! I am thinking it is because I would rather be in my bed and snuggling with my covers. But hey… that is me! Lol! Any who, my question for you guys today is, are you doing your passion? I have been told that if you do what you love that you will never work a day in your life. One of the issues I face in going after my passion is that I can procrastinate and that I am afraid of failing. If I can be honest, I want what I want and I want it how I want it. Whenever I read about stories of success there is always a hint of failure somewhere in the story. I have always wanted to know if these people wanted to give up, if they did at some give up or what? I took a big step for me this week and put my name in the hat for my dream career. I am praying that it will work out for me. Even if it does not work out for me, I refuse to allow myself to give up this time. I mean at some point the door has to open right? What are your secrets for you success? What do you do to keep from throwing in the towel?