This weekend was a great weekend for my husband and I. We are huge football fans and our team won! Since moving to Alabama, I have fallen in love with college football. I have always spent my Sundays watching the NFL, but college football is a little more exciting. I also tried a new pintrest recipe this weekend. It was really great! I will share the link to it. It was very quick, easy and delish!! I really spent this weekend relaxing. I really needed to rest my body and I can tell that made a huge difference for me physically. I am also going to take more of an aggressive approach with my health. By aggressive, I mean working out. Lol! If nothing more getting back to my yoga. But one step at a time.
I also want to say that FSU cheated this weekend against ND. Lol!! That is my humble opinion. But how about the Tide?? They rolled all over Texas A&M. Maybe that was a practice game for when we play Ole Miss and Auburn. Also, what is going on with my Falcons?? We are not rising up and I predict that we will be watching the Super Bowl from home. How did your teams do this weekend?