So I figured I would switch it up a little bit today. I was told yesterday by a close friend of mine that I was a little hood. But also on that same day I was told by my cousin that I was bourgeoisie (I will talk about that a later time and date). Lol 🙂 My guess is that I have hood like tendencies still. Let me explain… My friend posted a picture on IG about another one of her friends. The picture showed a wonderfully put together refrigerator. Pay attention ya’ll, because perception is everything. Now MY eyes zoned in on the food in the fridge. I was like this person eats healthy and that is a nice fridge. But the REAL focus of the fridge was the fact that the friend had put her whole crock pot in the fridge! To which my friend said was hood!! Now I did not know this was sign of being hood, well because… I have been doing this for years! Lol! All I do is take the dish out the base or whatever you call the thing that cooks the food for you-you know the part the plug is attached to, and place it in the fridge. My question for you all… is that hood or nah?