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Tanisia “Tee” Moore is a revered voice of African American storytelling. She is the author of After the Storm, an inspiring tale of redemption, restoration, and revelation. For Tee, writing is her avenue for giving hope, sharing life’s lessons, and sparking imaginations. Known affectionately as “your family’s favorite author”, Tee writes uplifting work for all ages which includes but is not limited to, children’s picture books, fun middle grade novels, young adult novels and adult romance novels. She has work published in the Alabama News, Medium, and Readers Digest and a TEDx talk on motherhood and entrepreneurship. Her work speaks from the soul, tapping into unknown worlds to give her community a new perspective – a passion that permeates outside of her love for writing.

Tee is a proud alumna of Clark Atlanta University—where she majored in Mass Media Arts with a concentration in radio— and Florida A&M University College of Law. When Tee isn’t putting pen to paper, she co-owns and operates Moore Legal Solutions, LLC (d/b/a Moore and Young Legal Solutions), a virtual boutique law firm. With her unique understanding of the eclectic and imaginative nature of creatives, she assists clients in protecting their art (written, painted, recorded, etc.).

Originally from Southern California, Tee now lives in the southern belle state of Alabama where she is a loving, compassionate (and sometimes crazy) wife and mother.

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Hey, Friend, hey! Grab your tea (or favorite drink), sit down, and let’s chat a bit on my motherhood podcast. Because I need to know that’s there more to motherhood than changing diapers, dropping kids off at the various activities, and all the stuff in between. Because we know that’s there’s more to this #MomLife. There has to be, right? On this podcast, we will talk about all of the things. How are we raising these tiny humans while still trying to live out our purpose? This is a safe place for all us moms trying to make the most of this life while still being dope mamas!

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Chapter 25: Don’t Let Hollywood get you Divorced- 4 Tips for a Successful Marriage

This October my husband and I will celebrate five years of marriage. In today’s society making it this long is a blessing. It seems as if celebrities and non celebrities alike don’t seem to be lasting the first two years. Some notable celebrities have made it 72 days… Look marriage is not for the weak at heart. It takes work, wisdom, patience and perseverance. Yes, love is a key component. But love does not pay bills. The creditors will not accept your love as payment. You are going to have

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Chapter 24: Pursing Passions- Diving in Head First

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you all have had an amazing day and weekend. I had a great weekend. Matter of fact after attending my church for the past six years, my husband and I finally finished our church’s Growth Track plan. The Growth Track is a 4 week class that helps to introduce the church’s philosophy and structure. It also helps to identify your spiritual gifts; with the hope of helping discover your purpose. Since having Beans, I have been on a quest to discover my purpose, and what

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Chapter 23: The Journey to Motherhood: Beans Turns 1!

Hey everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful Monday! Last month was an exciting month for my little family. It was my husband’s first Father’s Day and it was Bean’s first birthday!! June has never been my favorite month (if such a thing exists). It usually is a blah month, but of course this year was different. For Father’s Day we took our first real family vacation. We went to the beautiful Orlando and had an amazing time. I got to take Beans by my law school, the beach and even got to try some

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Chapter 22: The Journey to Motherhood: It’s Time to Give up the Ninny

Sigh… I hope I can write this blog without crying, but the very thought of what I am getting ready to share brings tears to my eyes. So here we go… The time has come that I must stop breastfeeding Beans. It breaks my heart, and I have not mentally wrapped my head around having to stop nursing her before I originally planned. I have nursed her exclusively for a year (give a take a month or so when she was in the NICU and still learning how to latch). The bond that we have shared has been

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Chapter 21: The Journey to Motherhood: Go Big or Go Home- I am making the sweets for the party!

Hey everyone! We are officially about eight days out from the big celebration for Beans!! Excited and nervous are what I am feeling at this moment. For obvious reasons I am excited. I absolutely love celebrating birthdays. I believe everyone should celebrate life. It is so precious. If you need a reminder on how precious life is, I recommend you read about the recent tragedies in the news to re-freshen your memories.But I am nervous about her birthday party. First, I am nervous because I hope we

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Chapter 20: My Baby is Going to be 1!!!

Y’all I cannot believe it, but I am about to have a one year old in a couple of weeks. I am still in awe that I have kept a whole human alive for almost a year. It is pretty darn amazing! But before we get into all of that, let me catch you all up on what has been going on. From February until May, I had the opportunity to work in my dream job! I absolutely LOVED what I was doing. I was busy, I was learning and was rocking it! However, I missed my baby girl something terrible! I developed a new

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Chapter 19: Journey to Motherhood- Get That Cheerio out Your Bra!

I recently read this phrase on a good friend of mines FB page. She had received an inbox from someone who found it tacky for her and other moms to share embarrassing stories about their children. Too which she wrote an EPIC response, and with permission I am sharing her response.So here is my question… Who authorizes the parent police? Look we all have stories to share about our kids. Sometimes we need to know that we are not the only with a child that appears to be a little touched, or that

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Chapter 18: Pursuing Passions- Getting a taste of the Dream

Right now I am sitting on my bed with my daughter, while she watches Disney Junior. Yes, she actually watches television and has her favorite show at seven months old (Mickey Mouse Clubhouse anyone?). I am going to miss being able to do this with her for the next 12 weeks as embark into a consulting position. I. Am. Nervous. I am nervous to leave my baby at home. I am nervous about my position. But the truth of the matter is that I am afraid I am going to really enjoy working for this company

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Chapter 17: Random Stuff-Getting my Life

Hey ya’ll… I know. I know… where have I been? Lol! In the words of Tamar Braxton “Getting my life together (insert loud smack sound)”. I have been really debating on giving up on blogging. It seems like a such a commitment and to be honest I did not want to commit to it. Lol! That is the just the honest truth. However, when I started this blog, I realized very early on that it was NOT about me. It was about that one person who will read an entry and feel encouraged to keep going. To keep

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A little Moore Tee…

  • Gradute of Clark Atlanta University and Florida A&M University College of Law
  • Member of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc.
  • Former radio personality for WSTU 98.1 FM (Nisia Skyy the fly diva of the airways)
  • Loathes all things that slither, creep, and crawl
  • Sang to win tickets to an Usher concert (won them!)
  • Routinely hides snacks in the house

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